FAD Code Of Conduct

This code of conduct is an initiative of the Perth Game Fishing Club in response to the many concerns about the equitable access, safety issues and responsible fishing practices at the Rottnest FADs. All FAD anglers have a vested interest in ensuring this code of conduct is followed.

PGFC has been responsible in a voluntary capacity, for the Rottnest FAD program since the launching of the first “recoverable” FADs on 15th November 1997. Operational assistance during that period has come from Challenger Institute of Technology, Fremantle Sailing Club, Royal Perth Yacht Club and volunteers from the PGFC committee & membership.

Funding has come from Recfishwest, and sponsors – currently All Marine Services, Club Marine, Fremantle Sailing Club, Furuno, Hillarys Yacht Club and Perth Game Fishing Club, all of whom have named FADs deployed each year.

The Rottnest FADs are in water depths from 110m to 230 m requiring up to 600 m of rope for tethering. They are deployed in November of each year and recovered the following May in what can be a rather challenging task. Frequently some or all FADs are lost during the season, many to ship strikes, others to the ravages of the sea. Damage caused by users is common and always expensive to repair..

Code of Conduct for fishing on the FADs

FADs are there for the benefit of all recreational anglers.

  • Courtesy should be extended to anglers who are already using a FAD and new arrivals should be accommodated. Take turns fishing a FAD.
  • Do not tie a boat up to a FAD, the mooring gear is designed to secure the FAD float and line only. Loops of rope for tying boats to a FAD have often been recovered, boats damage the radar reflectors.
  • Keep boats, lines & lures a safe distance from FADs. Hooks and lures attached to mooring gear create a major hazard during recovery operations.
  • Do not interfere with any equipment that is attached to FADs. Fisheries temperature recorders have been removed.
  • Avoid using stainless steel hooks and wire traces. Stainless hooks do not corrode away and present a hazard when recovering FADs. Wire is rarely needed.
  • Recognise conservation values, take only as many fish as you need and don’t exceed the WA Fisheries bag limits. Do not “high-grade” your catch. Juvenile fish should be released as they have little value as a table fish and will grow to bigger fish in the future.

Report any misuse of or damage to FADs, and any FAD which appears to be distant from its marked position. Email details to contact@pgfc.com  or through the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Support the FAD program by joining Perth Game Fishing Club and getting up to date details on where fish are biting and a chart of the FAD locations. Contribute to the FAD program with donations via the PGFC website www.pgfc.com.au .

The Code of Conduct is endorsed by Recfishwest www.recfishwest.org.au and supported by The Western Australian Game Fishing Association Inc. www.wagfa.asn.au

© Perth Game Fishing Club 2011

With thanks to our FAD Sponsors

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