About PGFC


Perth Game Fishing Club (PGFC) was formed in 1949 by a group of some 20 individuals who enjoyed a common interest in game fishing and had boats which could venture to Rottnest Island and beyond. Pelagic fish such as Spanish mackerel were abundant in those days and marlin were the pinnacle species for capture. Originally known as the Western Australian Game Fishing Association (WAGFA), the club changed its name to PGFC allowing the WAGFA name to be used by the peak state body representing game fishing. The club is affiliated with WAGFA, Game Fishing Association of Australia and International Game Fish Association.


Fishing Activities

With a philosophy of fishing for the future, the club has annual awards encouraging anglers and teams to excel in their chosen sport, these awards recognise effort expended during the whole of the club year (1 October to 30 September) as well as catches during tournaments. Club activities begin in November with the official Opening Weekend event at Rottnest. Two open tournaments are held during the year where members of other clubs are invited to join in. For 2016 these are the Marlin Cup to be held in February from Rottnest Island and the Shimano WA Open to be held at Jurien Bay in April over 3 days . The champion team in each of these events are invited to compete in the Offshore World Championship held in Costa Rica.


Social Activities

The club holds its regular social meetings at Royal Perth Yacht Club’s facilities in Mews Road Fremantle usually on the first Tuesday of each month. These meetings frequently have informative presentations on topics relating to the sport and allow members to share fishing stories and get to know each other. Members are encouraged to invite guests along. Check the club’s Events page on the website for further details of social and fishing activities.


FAD Program

PGFC has been responsible for running the metropolitan FAD program since 1997. Six FADs are positioned well offshore attracting game fish species including tuna, mahi mahi and marlin. The FADs are deployed in November and recovered in May. The program is partly funded by the Western Australian Government through Recfishwest and WAGFA along with sponsorship from other clubs and commercial enterprises. Club volunteers build, deploy, recover and maintain the FADs.


Membership Familiarisation Program

This program is designed to familiarise members and potential members with equipment, techniques, rules and the multitude of other items involving game fishing.


Life Members

Peter Coote
Ron Durell
Neil Patrick
Ian Stagles
John Webber
Rhyss Whittred


Constitution and By-Laws

CLICK HERE to download the Club’s current Constitution.

CLICK HERE to download the Club’s current By-laws