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The PGFC Hook-Up electronic newsletter is published regularly throughout the year when there are items that are of interest to members.

PGFC Members receive their emailed copy of Hook-Up on the day of publication. It is published on the website immediately during winter, but from November, as the fishing season approaches, its appearance on the website may be delayed 7 to 10 days. It may be available on request via contact@pgfc.com.au

Hook-Up is published in Flipbook format which is accessible for 1 month after publication and a pdf version which is accessible for two years.

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July 2020

July 29th 

The resumption of club activities is set for 18th August with a social night ahead of the annual snapper comp planned for the following weekend – 22nd and 23rd. We’re all looking forward to getting out on the water, here’s a chance to wet a line and to win some prizes too.   Read on………

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May 2020

May 30th 

It is now right on 5 months since the last Hook-Up Newsletter was sent to members, The longest gap since the first Hook-Up was sent out on 10th February 2003. Read on………

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January 2020

January 2nd

The hopes and expectations of members look like they are being answered with plenty of light and medium tackle options at the FADs with other structures holding mighty samson fish.
The Gilligan’s Cruise was a huge success and we’re expecting lots of interest for the Swan River Treasure Hunt and raft-up. The social night aboard Two Seas at Hillarys Marina on the 21st is expected to attract plenty of interest.
Preparations for the Marlin Cup are well in hand. It is just around the corner in February.
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December 2019

December 8th

This is the first Hook-Up of season 2020. It is necessarily long as it has been a while since the last one and much has been happening club-wise and fishing too. Read on for a summary of activities past and future and new ideas to make the club even better for members. We’re all looking forward to a great fishing season and early indications are excellent.

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September 2019

September 30th

Tuna everywhere, snapper and kingfish too. Snapper Comp results. New Membership Fee structure for 2020, Sangeeta Menon joins the Committee, Coming events. 2020 Important dates. FAD Working Bee.

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August 2019

August 31st

Tuna everywhere, snapper and kingfish too. Snapper Comp results. New Membership Fee structure for 2020, Sangeeta Menon joins the Committee, Coming events. 2020 Important dates. FAD Working Bee.

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August 3rd

Snapper aplenty, YTK at Rottnest and marlin at Exmouth. Latest water temperature observations for 2018-19 FAD season. Upcoming events. 2020 Important Dates.


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July 2019

July 9th

July Social night a success with concerns raised over the FAD program’s future. PGFC members recognised by WAGFA. No Brains team outline their recent activities. Tag cards and Capture Form changes. FAD working bee.


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June 2019

June 15th

Local fishing, FADs recovered, record presentations made, Electronic gear theft. Big Social night in July. Links to Newsletters. 


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May 2019

May 14th

Local fishing, Ladies and Juniors Day results, black marlin research paper released, FADs and what’s coming up.

April 2019

April 23rd

The Shimano WA Open Edition – all the news and the images from a great event.

April 10th

Testing the water at Jurien Bay ahead of next weekend’s Shimano WA Open was very positive. The Caribbean boats expo in April allowed members to evaluate the quality of these craft. A great yarn from Dundee. Ladies and Junior’s day less than a month away.

March 2019

March 8th

Optimism is flowing for a bumper Shimano WA Open in April whilst the scarcity of billfish in the metro area continues. Bluewater Tackle World Marlin Cup is wrapped up and we look forward to the Caribbean boats expo in April. A link to a report commissioned by Recfishwest is included.

February 2019

February 13th

Looks like the Marlin Cup has gone off over the weekend as well as the Ian McCarthy Trophy. New member’s boat. Discussion of the Marlin Cup. Notes on an Exmouth trip from a club member.

January 17th

The new year presents light tackle fishing experiences. The raft up in Matilda Bay and the Marlin Cup are almost upon us.

December 2018

December 5th

A successful Christmas Party / Opening day event. 2019 Marlin Cup has a complete refresh. FAD news. Planning well advanced for events in the coming year.

November 2018

November 20th

Lots happening at the club in the next few months, first up is the Christmas Party, click on the items in the right-hand panel. Even more planned during the year. AGM has come and gone, FADs are deployed. 2019 Marlin Cup has a complete refresh.

October 2018

October 27th

As the sun sets on the 2018 season with the Annual Presentation Dinner, it has now risen on the 2019 season, hopefully with prospects for better metro pelagic fishing than the past 12 months. The first scoring fish of 2019 was logged on 1st October.

October 5th

The new season has begun, hopefully with prospects for better metro pelagic fishing than the past 12 months. Hook-Up has taken on subtle differences in appearance with the new year and is will include useful and engaging items throughout the next year.

September 2018

September 11th

A long time between each of the last few Hook-Ups, but this issue catches up with what has been going on and what’s ahead.

August 2018

August 6th

Plenty of good fishing activity, except in Perth waters. Snapper comp coming up on 18th and 19th. Some good gear for sale and a clarification of procedures to follow when claiming a record.

June 2018

June 19th

This issue of Hook-Up is to keep in touch with all in a quiet part of the club year. It includes information on what is being caught in the metro area and Abrolhos Islands and information about the final FAD recovery.

May 2018

May 26th

Lots of FAD news including the All Marine Services FAD captured in the western Indian Ocean. Snapper going off locally.

May 11th

Ladies and Juniors Day results. Cervantes fishing. The winning Shimano WA Open photo. The latest on the FADs. Update on All Species Competition.

May 3rd

Ladies and Juniors Day tomorrow. Significant changes to Club Championship scores. Local fishing hotting up. The Club loses a Long standing member.

April 2018

April 21st

Shimano WA Open Issue, Ladies and Juniors Day coming up soon.

March 2018

March 30th

In this issue of Hook-Up we look at Jurien Bay firing up and the FADs being deployed offshore. PGFC members excelled in tournaments held at the Abrolhos Islands and Exmouth.

March 23rd

In this issue of Hook-Up: Quiet in local waters, but saved by a big mahi mahi day. FAD movements, AIBT results. Visitors, events and scores.

February 2018

February 22nd

In this issue of Hook-Up: Marlin Cup results, FADs working well, Shimano WA Open. Loss of an old mate. IGFA Rule clarification, Scores and more.


February 7th

In this issue of Hook-Up: marlin reported at the trench just in time for the Marlin Cup, successful social day on the river and plans well advanced for the Shimano WA Open. Scores and more.

January 2018

January 11th

In this issue of Hook-Up are items including macro weather forecast, SST and currents, two FADs out of service, It’s time to get Marlin Cup entries in, there’s an odd spot on broadbill swordfish. All Species Competition is active and a repeat of the successful 2017 Family Day is a week and a half away.

Older issues of Hook-Up, right back to 10th March 2003 are available on request to contact@pgfc.com.au