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The PGFC Hook-Up electronic newsletter is published regularly throughout the year when there are items that are of interest to members.

PGFC Members receive their emailed copy of Hook-Up on the day of publication. It is published on the website immediately during winter, but from November, as the fishing season approaches, its appearance on the website will be delayed 7 to 10 days. It may be available on request via contact@pgfc.com.au .

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August 2017

August 8th

Items in this issue include: results of the weekend’s snapper comp, scores and Commonwealth Marine Reserves announcement.

July 2017

July 17th

Items in this issue include: Big SBT around, important membership item, local snapper action and snapper comp coming up, scores, member’s immaculate boat for sale and a tagging update.

June 2017

June 1st

Items in this issue include: FADs recovered. Important membership items. Snapper comp coming up. Latest scores..

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

January 24th

Local Fishing, River social day, New arrangements for membership at tournaments, Roaming FAD, Bluewater Tackle World Marlin Cup, Shimano WA Open, Tagged fish recapture

January 13th

Local Fishing, Roaming FADs, Mandurah and Cervantes hotspots, January Family Day, Marlin Cup, Tag Times.

December 2016

December 16th

Local Fishing, Currents affecting FADs, A Haines Hunter refit, January Family Day announced. RIP Colin Parks.

November 2016

November 30th

Opening Weekend, Christmas Social Night, FADs, Vale Rachel Tees, Offer on Tiagra 130s.

November 11th

Annual General Meeting, FADs, Opening Weekend coming up.

October 2016

October 24th

Annual Presentation Dinner, FSC Snapper Day, Recapture, AGM, FADs and Opening Weekend coming up.

September 2016

September 20th

FSC Snapper event next weekend – Recaptures – Presentation night – CMR progress – National Gone Fishing Day -FADs and Opening Weekend coming up.

August 2016

August 31st

Snapper locally, billfish in the north-west. Latest club calendar. Social night, presentation night, National Gone Fishing Day and Opening Weekend all coming up.

July 2016

July 20th

A very successful members only event. Local and Pacific Islands fishing. Rottnest Trench water temperatures. Blast from the past. Tried and true recipe. ARFF Media Release. Scores

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

March 2016

March 19th

Local fishing has been quiet since the last Hook-Up although mahi mahi are beginning to show up. Marlin have been the subject of unconfirmed reports. The Shimano WA Open is less than two weeks away, so get your entries in.

March 8th

– This edition of Hook-Up is dedicated to the Shimano WA Open which is now only a little over three weeks away. Much of the content is background material that will be of benefit to those who have not participated in the event before as well as updates which will be useful to those coming back after enjoying prior events.

March 2nd

March 2nd – Wrap up of the Bluewater Tackle World Marlin Cup. Michael Officer Trophy for 2016 won. Up to date scores released. There are some big mahis out there at last. Another issue of Hook-Up will be out in the next few days, dedicated to information about the Shimano WA Open.

February 2016

February 23rd

 – The 2016 Bluewater Tackle World Marlin Cup has been run and won and one team will be on their way to Costa Rica for the Offshore World Championships in 2017. Update on scores and the Shimano WA Open..

February 13th

 – Fickle and frustrating local fishing, good catches just to our north and with deep water temperatures on the rise it’s all conducive to a big bang before the Bluewater Tackle World Marlin Cup, the tournament that carries the opportunity to visit Costa Rica.

January 2016

January 14th

 – Locally, a striped marlin hook-up last weekend, wahoo, mahi, tuna and mackerel. FAD problems caught just in time. Shark Bay – too often driven past. Fancy a weekend at the Abrolhos – just do it. Thanks to Dylan Picken and Luke Ryan for items in this issue.

January 4th

 – Frustrating fishing for those venturing out in the metro area, with some reward coming to those who persevered. A good look at FAD moorings, Luke Ryan has a couple of fantastic days at Cervantes, and PGFC anglers acquit themselves well at Exmouth again recently. There is no Social Night in January – see the calendar and note inside.

December 2015

December 16th

 – Crayfish have been the big item this month with little action reported on the game fishing scene. This issue includes a message from the President, the calendar for 2016, updated scores, an historical piece about mackerel at west end and a link to the Bluewater Marlin Cup coming up in February..

December 9th

 – Opening Weekend. Record broadbill swordfish. Braid. A wandering FAD is replaced – see where it has been so far. Exmouth story from a new member. Marlin Cup and HIBT coming up The continuing saga of the Geelong Star.

November 2015

November 13th

November 13th – AGM results, an epic season and voyage from Exmouth to Hillarys. FADs deployed and temperature study released. Opening Weekend and Christmas Social Night coming up. Black Marlin studies

October 2015

October 20th

 – Presentation Night coverage. Club Championship Awards, Club Records, AGM and Opening Weekend coming up.

October 9th

 – Season over – results to be announced at Presentation Dinner. Snapper taking over where salmon left off in Cockburn Sound. YFT showing up.

August 2015

August 26th

 – White pointers harrass salmon fishers. A neat weekend Abrolhos adventure. Scores.

August 8th

 – Local fishing – anomalies. Marlin fishing in French Polynesia, Successful August Social Night. Dates set for next year’s tournaments. Latest scores.

July 2015

July 8th

July 8th – Broome and Kalbarri really firing. Welcome to a new sponsor. August Social Night featuring Dr Julian Pepperell. Broome Billfish Classic and Dampier Classic coming up. Latest scores.

June 2015

June 19th

June 19th – Results of the Snapper Classic. Dr Julian Pepperell visiting the club for the August Social Night. Tournament advisories for Broome and Dampier. Latest scores.

May 2015

May 13th

May 13th – Mahi mahi and Australian Salmon dominate local fishing. Many species the key to winning the Shimano WA Open. Neil Patrick recognition, FADs recovered as season ends.

April 2015

April 22nd

– Alex Salmon run has started in Cockburn Sound, Two FADs adrift and recovered. 2015 Shimano WA Open 1st May. Offshore World Championships..

April 9th

April 9th – Alex Kaiko and John Holmes both tag blue marlin at the trench. Next City Beach Builders comp April 11th. 2015 Shimano WA Open 1st May. Latest scores. HIBT opportunity.

March 2015

March 14th

 – Bumper local fishing report including solo Metro-Marlin for Peter Harvey! Marlin Cup results. Next City Beach Builders comp March 21st – 22nd. 2015 Shimano WA Open 1st May. Latest scores including Marlin Cup. Commonwealth Marine Reserves. Thanks to the many contributors over the past exciting weeks.

February 2015

February 24th

February 24th – Three Kings Islands trip report. A new range of Richter lures excusive to Bluewater Tackle World. Destination Bermagui. Social / Presentation Night 10th March. Next City Beach Builders comp March 21st – 22nd. 2015 Shimano WA Open 1st May. Latest scores. Commonwealth Marine Reserves.

February 12th

February 12th – Successful Marlin Cup. SBT tags. Latest scores. Double hook rig found to be illegal. Social / Presentation Night 10th March.

January 2015

January 24th

January 24th – Excellent local demersal and deepdrop fishing catches. Club Marine FAD goes walkabout. Rewards for recovery of SBT tags. Social Night 3rd February. Next event – Marlin Cup 7th & 8th February. [

January 10th

January 10th – Good local demersal catches and some good marlin caught by members, FADs starting to fire up. Social Night 3rd February, next event – Marlin Cup 7th & 8th February.

December 2014

December 15th

December 15th – City Beach Builders Grand Prix Series – first event. The records claims keep coming. Outriggers for sale. Next event – Marlin Cup. Website being tweaked.

December 4th

December 4th – Recfishwest FADs launched. Unusual catch. Another 2 record Australian salmon. Great end to the year at the Social Night. Boat for sale. Outriggers for sale and wanted.

November 2014

November 27th

November 27th – Rottnest firing up. Two new World Record claims. Brag & Release set to go. First scores for the 2015 season. Recfishwest FADs deployed. Xmas Party next week. Special member offer from On Strike Charters. Boat for sale.

November 7th

November 7th – Vale Hal Harvey, PGFC seizes the challenge of new tagging rules, 2015 FADs deployed on 3rd November, a weekend fishing in Geraldton and the Annual General Meeting next Tuesday.

October 2014

October 23rd

October 23rd – October 4th Social Day, The Annual Awards and Presentation Night, FAD deployment for 2015, AGM and Opening Weekend coming up and the Annual Calendar.

September 2014

September 30th

September 30th – Another big edition with many topics up to the current date and beyond covered.

September 16th

September 16th – A big edition with many topics up to the current date and beyond covered.

July 2014

July 25th

July 25th – City Beach Builders Grand Prix Series Round 9 results. Latest scores. Enough activity for all keen anglers. Appended is a note on recalled EPIRBs..

June 2014

June 1st

June 1st – City Beach Builders Grand Prix Series Round 7 results. Latest scores. Monte Bellos adventure. FAD news. A junior member bags his first marlin. A well-known club boat is for sale and some high quality electronics too.

May 2014

May 19th

May 19th – Marlin Cup. Black Marlin Bulletin attached. WAGFA AGM. GFAA rule changes. FLIR overview. A well-known club boat is for sale and some high quality electronics too.

April 2014

April 19th

April 19th – Good indications for Shimano WA Open – late entries being accepted. Abrolhos tale. Quepos Costa Rica results. Latest scores.

April 4th

April 4th – Fish everywhere, mostly at Exmouth. Another FAD goes walkabout. Rowley Shoals adventure closed. Shimano WA Open coming up. Low cost trip around the top.

March 2014

March 20th

March 20th – City Beach Builders Round 5 results. FAD News. 2014 Offshore World Championships – Costa Rica. Latest scores. Rowley Shoals adventure. Shimano WA Open coming up.

March 13th

March 13th – Yellowfin tuna between Garden Island and Rottnest and disappointment on the long weekend. AIBT in Exmouth produces the goods. City Beach Builders Grand Prix event on 16th.

March 4th

March 4th – Marlin Cup – A great tournament enjoyed by all. Multiple marlin hook-up at the trench last weekend. FADs set for redeployment.

February 2014

February 12th

February 12th – What fishing? FSC Blue Marlin Classic coming up. FAD plans. Marlin Cup just over a week away. Don’t forget up to date EPIRBs and flares. Magnificent new trophy.

January 2014

January 30th

January 30th– Spanish mackerel close to Freo and at Mindarie, wahoo and blue eye trevalla at the trench. Sharks are back at the barges. Important social night next Tuesday. Divers have fishermen seeing red at the FADs. Shallow water fishing at Shark Bay. FSC Blue Marlin Classic coming up. PGFC FAD is gone. Marlin Cup just a few weeks away.

January 23rd

– The third round of the City Beach Builders Grand Prix turned up lots of samson fish without sharks. Some XOS snapper around. Recfishwest FADs unwrapped. Go to the Gold Coast and around the top to Dampier. Forward notice on the Seasport Charters 2014 Marlin Cup. Latest scores.

January 10th

 – Still marlin being raised at the trench but the FADs  are a bit quiet for mahis. Third round of the City Beach Builders Grand Prix coming up and forward notice on the Seasport Charters 2014 Marlin Cup. Latest scores. Attached is a copy of the latest GFAA report.

December 2013

December 21st

December 21st– Marlin at the trench FADs quiet for mahis, Furuno FAD redeployed, marlin success at Exmouth, thanks to The Smoke Shack, 2014 Marlin Cup coming up.

December 4th

December 4th – Marlin at the trench, success at Exmouth, a tale of a runaway FAD, accolades from RPYC’s Commodore, City Beach Builders Grand Prix and Club Championship scores and Halco’s November Newsreel. Boat insurance in the cyclone season north of Carnarvon. Water depth information needed.

November 2013

November 21st

November 21st – Opening Weekend.  FAD deployment, City Beach Builders Grand Prix Series results. Club Championship table.

November 14th

November 14th – Local Fishing. AGM results, Opening Weekend.  City Beach Builders Grand Prix Series results. Bluewater extends sponsorship. FAD Working Bee and deployments.

October 2013

October 23rd

October 23rd – Presentation Night – A big one. Damien Wham’s near miss with a whale. City Beach Builders Grand Prix Series – important stuff to know. FADs – the whole story. AGM and Opening Weekend coming up.

September 2013

September 11th

September 11th – Fishing activities have been decimated by the weather which also caused cancellation of the final City Beach Builders competition. Little pelagic activity to report in this edition, however there are some good table fish about.

September 11th

September 11th – Member survey results. Sponsorship
from City Beach Builders and Perth Harley-Davidson . Little pelagic activity.

August 2013

August 25th

August 25th – Broadbill in the metro area, fishing activity at Jurien and Exmouth and the Members Fishing Clinic on September 8th. There is recognition of a new club record, thanks to Ian McCarthy and Will Brogan, a link to a new black marlin research project and the latest scores as we approach the club’s year end.

August 3rd

August 3rd– Fishing round-up, local and Exmouth. Rigging night 9th August. Vale Ivan Quartermaine

June 2013

June 25th

June 25th –Fishing round-up. Fisheries analysis of FAD temperature sensors. Working Bee. FLIR night

June 5th

June 5th – A tale of hope and disappointment related by Ben Weston. An unlikely visitor from the north. Finally a VHF repeater at Rottnest. Updated scores and calendar dates. FAD Working Bee.

May 2013

May 16th

May 16th –Great social night last week welcoming back Whitey and Ivan. FADs are to be recovered next week. Sharks have taken over in the Abrolhos. Important comp this weekend and the weather looks good. June 11th Social Nightwill be one not to be missed.

May 1st

May 1st – Lots of activity in the past 3 weeks since the last Hook-Up. The Offshore World Championships have been held in Quepos Costa Rica with the Shimano WA Open team doing extremely well,  the 7th round of the City Beach Builders comp showed that there are still marlin around and PGFC was well represented at the Halco Abrolhos Islands Tournament. The latest Halco Newsreel is attached.

April 2013

April 6th

April 6th –Results of the 2013 Shimano WA Open. Plenty of mahi mahi and wahoo action and some giant yellowfin tuna have been hooked up. Note the changes to the club calendar. The City Beach Builders Comp is on 21st April with a bonus prize from the Smoke Shack of a 6 tray smoker and accessories .

March 2013

March 20th

March 20th –A special Ho

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