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The PGFC Hook-Up electronic newsletter is published regularly throughout the year when there are items that are of interest to members.

PGFC Members receive their emailed copy of Hook-Up on the day of publication. It is published on the website immediately during winter, but from November, as the fishing season approaches, its appearance on the website will be delayed 7 to 10 days. It may be available on request via contact@pgfc.com.au .

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September 2017

September 30th

Items in this issue include: Productive local fishing. Jurien Bay fishing well. Kiwi shortbill spearfish. 2018 calendar of events. Successful FSC event. GFAA rule check

September 6th

Items in this issue include: Not much local fishing but plenty of billfish activity in the north. Jamo takes delivery of the new boat in Hobart. 2018 calendar of events.

August 2017

August 8th

Items in this issue include: results of the weekend’s snapper comp, scores and Commonwealth Marine Reserves announcement.

July 2017

July 17th

Items in this issue include: Big SBT around, important membership item, local snapper action and snapper comp coming up, scores, member’s immaculate boat for sale and a tagging update.

June 2017

June 1st

Items in this issue include: FADs recovered. Important membership items. Snapper comp coming up. Latest scores..

May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

January 24th

Local Fishing, River social day, New arrangements for membership at tournaments, Roaming FAD, Bluewater Tackle World Marlin Cup, Shimano WA Open, Tagged fish recapture

January 13th

Local Fishing, Roaming FADs, Mandurah and Cervantes hotspots, January Family Day, Marlin Cup, Tag Times.

December 2016

December 16th

Local Fishing, Currents affecting FADs, A Haines Hunter refit, January Family Day announced. RIP Colin Parks.

November 2016

November 30th

Opening Weekend, Christmas Social Night, FADs, Vale Rachel Tees, Offer on Tiagra 130s.

November 11th

Annual General Meeting, FADs, Opening Weekend coming up.

October 2016

October 24th

Annual Presentation Dinner, FSC Snapper Day, Recapture, AGM, FADs and Opening Weekend coming up.

September 2016

September 20th

FSC Snapper event next weekend – Recaptures – Presentation night – CMR progress – National Gone Fishing Day -FADs and Opening Weekend coming up.

August 2016

August 31st

Snapper locally, billfish in the north-west. Latest club calendar. Social night, presentation night, National Gone Fishing Day and Opening Weekend all coming up.

July 2016

July 20th

A very successful members only event. Local and Pacific Islands fishing. Rottnest Trench water temperatures. Blast from the past. Tried and true recipe. ARFF Media Release. Scores

June 2016

May 2016

April 2016

March 2016

March 19th

Local fishing has been quiet since the last Hook-Up although mahi mahi are beginning to show up. Marlin have been the subject of unconfirmed reports. The Shimano WA Open is less than two weeks away, so get your entries in.

March 8th

– This edition of Hook-Up is dedicated to the Shimano WA Open which is now only a little over three weeks away. Much of the content is background material that will be of benefit to those who have not participated in the event before as well as updates which will be useful to those coming back after enjoying prior events.

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