Update 15th February
On Wednesday 15th February, the All Marine Services and Club Marine FADs were redeployed in positions:
      Club Marine 32°04′ S 115°20′ E 106m    
      All Marine Services 32°09′ S 115°10′ E 195m
Update 8th January 2017
As previously advised to members, the All Marine Services FAD broke loose on 21st December. Since then it has drifted on currents to its current position 230nm offshore. It is not expected to be recovered in the near future but has around 5 months of battery life remaining so will continued to be monitored.
During the day on 28th December the Club Marine FAD broke loose (again) and was recovered on 30th.
Subject to vessel availability both are expected to be replaced in the next week or two.
Members will be advised of events when they happen.
All remaining FADs are close to their deployment positions.
Update 1st January 2017
The Club Marine FAD has again come adrift and recovered. Plans are to replace the FAD early in the new year.
Update 28th December 2016
Sometime overnight on 21st December, the All Marine Services FAD came adrift and moved north then north-west. Because of extremely windy weather it was not safe to attempt to recover it.
Plans are to replace the FAD early in the new year if it appears to be irrecoverable, however current predictions suggest that it may turn towards the coast and be within range.  Members will be advised of events when they happen.
All remaining FADs are close to their deployment positions.
Update 22nd November 2016
The Club Marine FAD has been redeployed today. Its deployment position is 32deg 03.S 115deg 20 E.

Update 17th November 2016

The Club Marine FAD has come adrift and been recovered. It is expected to be redeployed during the week beginning 20th November. Keep an eye on this page for details.
Update 8th November 2016
The Rottnest Trench FADs were deployed by PGFC today in good weather and a seamless operation. The PGFC FAD has sustained slight damage. Its radar reflector and may be difficult to see from some aspects.
Deployment positions are:
Members will be updated with more accurate positions when they are confirmed.
Update 1st June 2016
FAD recovery this year was in three sessions, the first on May 11th was aborted and the process was restarted a week later on the 18th when the four most northern FADs were recovered intact, the FSC FAD mooring gear which had separated from the float in early December was also recovered.The final two FADs, Club Marine and All Marine Services were recovered on Monday 30th in perfect conditions and returned to RPYC Annex.
Aside from the two instances of mooring failure, all FADs remained in position for the whole 6½ months. Gale force winds in January and February and the 60kt winds and 7m swells in late May did not budge them.

Update 19th May 2016

The HYC, Furuno, PGFC and FSC FADs were recovered for winter servicing on 18th May. The two remaining FADs, All Marine Services and Club Marine are expected to be recovered on 1st June subject to weather.

Update 18th January 2016

The All Marine Services FAD which drifted off position on 10th January due to a break in a mooring line was reinstated on 16th January.

Update 19th December 2015 

The FSC FAD which left its deployment position early on November 10th has been tracked up the coast to near Wreck Point in the Abrolhos Islands. It was recovered on 16th December and is now safely back in Perth. In the meantime a replacement FAD has been deployed.
To read the full story CLICK HERE.

 Update 17th November 2015

The PGFC supported Rottnest FADs were deployed on Monday November 9th. Members who wish to get an update on positions prior to heading to the trench and a comment  on currents  are invited to contact the club for live positions via contact@pgfc.com.au

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