Why not take advantage of the club’s website to advertise for a crew or crewing opportunity whether it is for an odd day, midweek or weekend or for one of the club’s comp days or tournaments. Simply email contact@pgfc.com.au and most times the request can be loaded on the same day.

No cost for members and the ad will be repeated in Hook-Up if required.

Posted 9th January 2013

Crew position wanted

 I am an experienced offshore fisherman looking to get offshore and fish with club members. I’m game for anything from bottom bouncing to chasing bills. I am more than willing to pull my weight with expenses and work. I’m fairly new to Australia (Texan) and would also like the opportunity to meet a few more PGFC members.

 I can be available for some week days (especially every other Friday) but have a hard time planning to far in advance due to work.

 Al Reida
You can contact me by phone or email
04 7717 8313